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[3SEPT23] The New Forums at B360 Hobbies

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  • [3SEPT23] The New Forums at B360 Hobbies

    After a complete rebuild and upgraded software, we are finally back online.

    There are still areas that we are working on, and hopefully within the next month or two should have completed.

    If you you would like to see anything added to the site, please post it as a new topic in this area.

    We look forward to building this new amazing model railroad community, seeing your passions, and learning about how others are modifying, creating, and changing the scale world.

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    As a Model Railroader I like to find out about what's new; discussions on DCC; viewing other's Layouts, etc.
    I am also interested in special Passenger Train Excursion runs in the United States.
    So I thought I would begin trying to find "forums" specifically for model railroaders and passenger train enthusiasts.

    Hope you can attract more members to this forum!
    Running a forum isn't easy - I know from experience. And attracting/drawing steady new members is difficult.

    BTW: I found out about this particular forum through a link which was posted on website.
    Hope you can get more Model Railroad Businesses, Clubs, etc., etc to add a link to this forum site.


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      You are very correct that it is hard to get a new forum up and running. So many people are content with Facebook and Discord. I am working on a few things that will hopefully draw people to this site.

      I would appriecate it if you could tell anyone that you know (that is interested in trains) about this site. I am hoping that by mid 2024 to have at least a 1000 members. I will consider this a success if I can get there.


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        Thank you for your reply!

        As for attracting more visitors to become Members of, perhaps you might consider trying to get "Reciprocal Links" with some independent Model Railroader or Model Railroad Business?

        I know, many don't want to be bothered, true. But once in awhile there is someone or some business that may agree to it if you can convince them that you have a Model Railroad Forum that is not just interested in building one's own number count of members, but also with promoting what is most important and vital to everyone interested in Model Railroading, and Model Railroad Products - and that of course is knowing where to go for information (and product reports) they are particularly seeking.

        There are many people who are into model railroading; and many of them want to know what other MRR's are doing; where they are buying their products; and what they believe are the best products and why. Unfortunately, there are few model railroad forums "out there" that are doing a good job.
        Considering the vast number of MRR Fans "out there", such a small forum base that is currently available just doesn't seem to make sense!

        I have "googled" (searched for model railroad forums), and it is rather sad what I have discovered:

        >Some have gone the "ad route" - so many ads on their site that it makes it almost impossible to concentrate on (or find) what a MRR like myself
        is interested in.

        >Then there are those who don't know the first thing about how to efficiently run a forum it seems; e.g., Forum Members posting in Threads and Forum Topics that are irrelevant to the particular subject being discussed.

        And I came across one MRR Forum that showed interesting current topics (with current, up to date replies!) but when I went to join them, their system wouldn't let me join! (A glitch in the system that checks if one is a real person or not kept me from joining. Either the Forum Moderator or Owner of that forum should have been "on it" pronto, and corrected that glitch.)

        Suggestion about who to contact for "reciprocal links":
        One of the best MRR Business sites for you to exchange links with (if you can convince them it is to their advantage (not just your advantage) would be NCE.
        They DO have a history of engaging in reciprocal links. Go to their website and you will see for yourself.

        Another MRR Business to contact would be Logic Rail Technologies. Now there is a great site!
        This company has done a great job over the years, and there are Signals and Signal systems thereon that the MRR enthusiast will not find anywhere else.

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